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IvriTeX 1.2.1: Culmus support is finally in. handling. Get it from Sourceforge
IvriTeX 1.1.2: The changes of this version are mainly Ron Artstein's fixes to numbers handling. Get it from Sourceforge
IvriTeX 1.1.1: Some bug fixes. a better thesis template. Finally a release in Sourceforge
IvriTeX Includes hebclass, a better build process and many bug fixes.


IvriTeX is a package that provides Hebrew support for LaTeX. The project provides the following:

Hebrew support for babel
babel is the package that provides multi-lingual support for LaTeX2e. This package provides bidirectional and Hebrew support for the Hebrew language (There is an infrastructure for support of other bidirectional languages, but it is currently not used).
Hebrew fonts
The package hebfonts from CTAN A collection of Hebrew metafonts packages.
A collection of classes and styles that will hopefully be useful to Hebrew authors. Currently in early stages. Additions would be welcome.
A font package for TeX and LaTeX that provides the Culmus fonts. This package is aimed at modern TeX distributions (such as TeXLive and teTeX-3.0) which already have babel with Hebrew support (and only lack decent Hebrew fonts).




Our main tool is a CVS repository, instructions on how to use it can be found at the CVS page. The CVS repository can also be browse if you want to see what we have.

Currently there are two modules in the CVS repository:

The actual code and data of the heblatex package.
Holds the website sources

If you get the files from the CVS, you have to update the files list before creating a tarball. run 'make update_list'

Project pages

Various pages related with this project:


The package includes quite a few sample Hebrew latex documents, which should help you get started. The sample document iitsmnr.tex should also serve as some sort of tutorial. There's also a simple guide here.


As usual with such projects, we are all volunteers yada yada yada.

With that disclaimer, the best place to ask questions regarding ivritex is the IvriTeX list: info page and archives.

If you have a problem with a certain document of yours it is advised that you try to create the minimal sample document that still has the same problem. It is also often useful to attach the log file generated (the file with the extension .log that is created where you ran latex) as it contains valuable information about that run of latex.

The best place for general (La)TeX related support is the newsgroup comp.text.tex

Additional resources


We thank SourceForge for hosting the services for us.